2003 Draft Order

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Date: Feb 28, 2003 - 10:07 PM
The 2003 draft order by team is as follows.

10 Pick Numbnutz

9th Pick Swamp Gators

8th Pick Fighting Guppies

7th Pick Bigtimers

6th Pick St Lunatics

5th Pick Takin You Down

4th Pick Millersville Rats

3rd Pick Mt Joy MilkMen

2nd Pick Eerores Raiders

1st Pick Maytown Stars

Please let me know if you plan on staying in the keeper league. The keeper is suppose to be 4, but if people want we can lower to 2-3. I do not plan on removing the keepers. The only reason I would lower the keepers is because Numbnutz's team is stacked, and Eerore's team has 2-3 top picks including Curtis Martin, Drew Bledsoe, Jerry Rice, Charlie Garner, Jerome Bettis, etc.

I want to know how many replacements we need for the league to continue on. What I may do is pool the nonreturning teams together, so that the new players have a chance to pick from all the talent since Numbnutz has the top 2 running backs. After all teams have 3 players then we all draft.
2003 Fantasy Football Draft Order by Team.

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